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Feb. 7th, 2019 - old news
Vault Bowl 2019 Season ready to Kick Off!
by Filly Feldarin

Vault Bowl, the latest league of the Old World's greatest game, is set to kick off in just a few short weeks in township of Brisbane, in the lands of the Queen. Vault Bowl Commissioner (and coach of Vault-Bowl-participating-team, the Barons of Second Breakfast) Dylan, sat down with me to talk life, loss, and leading the charge with the new Vault Bowl League 2019.

FF: So, Dylan, thank you very much for joining me today. Firstly, what big plans are there for the upcoming season?

D: Well, thank you for giving me the chance to talk Ms Feldarin. Vault Bowl is set to be the new gold-standard of Blood Bowl here in the old world. We have teams participating from across the lands coming to join us in this ultimate game of football.

FF: Is it true that legendary blitzer, Griff Oberwald, has been seen in the dugouts around the Vault Bowl?

D: Well Ms Feldarin, weíre not drafting Star Players onto the Vault Bowl team rosters but I can say that several star players have been sighted around the stadiums and may make an appearance during the regular season in matches across the league.

FF: Oooh exciting. Now, I understand you havenít sought direct sponsorship with this league while it started. What are your plans for sponsorships moving forward?

D: We didnít want to oblige our coaches to small-time sponsorships so, rather than locking the league into smaller business, we decided to forgo sponsorships for the first half so that the folks at Painasonic, Zombway, WAAAAGH Gamer Fuel, Chanelf, or even Griffin Motors, have free reign to offer our coaches the best deals right out of the gate.

FF: Coaches arenít just playing for the big paycheck though are they. The trophy for the Vault Bowl is also a unique piece of equipment, am I correct?

D: You are absolutely correct. The Vault Bowl trophy is not only what the teams are fighting out for this year, the trophy itself is a uniquely enchanted helmet we acquired from an estate sale of the legendary blood bowl quarterback Kulbrick Kilnhelm after he lost his battle with warpstone-induced illness. We mourn his passing and not only will we be repurposing his helmet for use within the champion team, but we will also be continuing his legacy with the Kulbrick Kilnhelm League Coach award at the end of the season.

FF: How can coaches out there get involved?

D: Well, they have until this Sunday, 10 February, to get registered at our Vault outlet. Any registrations after that date will not be accepted.

FF: This all sounds so exciting. You not only commission this league, but also coach the Halfling team, Barons of Second Breakfast. How do you keep it all together in your married life?

D: We agreed to no personal questions Filly.

Us here at The Morning Raven look forward to seeing the action this season in the Vault Bowl, and will be devoting a weekly column to everything Vault Bowl over the course of the league.
- VaultDylan

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